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Go Get It

Doyle Slayton ~

Written by Ryan Collins [Contributing Author]

I read a true story about a pessimistic railroad engineer who was let out of work early along with his coworkers. In the process of shutting down, he accidentally locked himself in a refrigerator car. Knowing his coworkers were leaving for the day and realizing the dangers of being trapped in freezing temperatures all night, the engineer began to panic! He yelled for help and banged on the door, but no one could hear him. Eventually, the engineer accepted his fate and “froze” to death. The next morning when the police examined the scene, they noticed something peculiar: the refrigerator car was not running, and the temperature never dipped below 60 degrees the entire night.1 In essence, the engineer willed himself to death.

Our mind determines our outcomes.

If the man in the story was able to convince his body he was freezing to death, imagine what our mind can do to help us succeed!

What is your mind doing for you?

Are you believing the best for yourself? Or, are you fostering a pattern of personal failures and negative thoughts?

Success builds from within…

You are your biggest advocate… your greatest champion! Crush the naysayer keeping you from achieving your goals. Don’t let outside distractions diminish your vision. Don’t settle for just enough. Expect over and above what is expected of you.

Within each of us exists two mindsets…

…each producing drastically different outcomes. Which one do you choose to believe? Once you decide what you really want… a dream becomes a vision… becomes a goal… becomes YOUR reality.

Go get it! Ryan Collins is a top performing Business Development Specialist for Kaplan University based out of Dallas, TX. Collins has written for a number of national publications, including American Way Magazine and Comcast’s Connected Living. Email Collins at for questions or comments regarding this article.